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Chug’s Root Beer Store (Lynnwood): Non-Stop Root Beer

If you’re a fan of root beer (and who isn’t?), you’d be excited to know that there’s a store dedicated to this magic elixir. While the original Root Beer Stores closed up last year, there’s still a reinvented location in Lynnwood called Chug’s Root Beer Store.
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Lanikai Juice at the Hilton Hawaiian Village (Hawaii 2017): Hawaiian Style Smoothies

Lanikai Juice is a chain operation that serves up fresh smoothies, fruit bowls and juices in Hawaii. The location that we visited was in the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.
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Rachel’s Ginger Beer (Seattle)

If you’ve explored the area around Pike Place Market in Seattle, you’ve probably come across Post Alley and perhaps have chanced upon the (in)famous Gum Wall. A short distance away, at the corner of Pine Street and Post Alley, you’ll find Rachel’s Ginger Beer.
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