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Kobe Motomachi Doria: Tokyo 2017

In our continuing attempt to try different Japanese dishes, we stopped by Kobe Motomachi Doria in the LaQua Shopping Centre near Tokyo Dome. Japanese seem to love their cheese (and I don’t blame them). It’s a bit interesting because Chinese and Japanese share a lot in common in terms of food yet you really don’t see cheese used in Chinese cooking (perhaps it’s because so many Chinese are lactose intolerant).
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Freebird Chicken Shack: Chicken Cracklin’

Freebird Chicken Shack is Angus An’s Asian-style rotisserie chicken offering in New Westminster’s River Market. The sister restaurant of Longtail Kitchen, Freebird recently moved from their cramped store to the more spacious digs of the old Wally’s Burgers location across the way.
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Myst Asian Fusion: Mixed Feelings

Earlier this year, a new restaurant opened up on the former grounds of Lester’s Family Amusement Centre and right next door to Szechuan Cuisine. The restaurant looks all shiny and modern with large tv screens on one wall.
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Dae-Ji Cutlet House (Burnaby) – Korean Fusion

Dae-Ji Cutlet House is a Korean fusion chain that opened up in Burnaby in the former Cattle Cafe location. Interestingly, Cattle Cafe moved out of their former location only to relocate next door. I suppose the curved layout of the interior is a bit challenging because of the seating restriction.
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Cafe de l’Orangerie – Japanese Italian Fusion

Cafe de l’Orangerie has been on my list of places to try for quite some time… especially since I enjoy both Japanese and Italian food.
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Oka-San Kitchen – Momma’s Plate

Oka-San Kitchen is a newish Japanese/Hawaiian fusion restaurant that opened up recently on Fraser Street. I visited in late November when they had been opened for approximately 2 months so some of the items may be different from what they’re currently serving.
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Pack Li Hyang – Chinese Korean Fusion

Pack Li Hyang is a new Chinese-Korean Fusion restaurant that’s opened up in the old Sa Rang Chae location.
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Bambudda – Dine Out Fest 2015

Bambudda is an Asian-fusion restaurant located at the corner of Powell and Columbia in historic Gastown. Apparently, they are on to their third head chef with former Top Chef Canada competitor, Curtis Luk, taking over.
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Wild Rice – A Tale of Two Restaurants Part 1

As Dickens once wrote… “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us”.  Now, you may be wondering why I’m quoting one of the most iconic opening lines in written history but I feel that the common theme of juxtaposition between two differing ideas to be very appropriate.  Read the rest of this entry