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Fraser Park Restaurant: Hearty German Breakfast and Lunch

Whenever I’m in the mood for a good, hearty breakfast, my mind wanders to Fraser Park Restaurant. This diner located in the middle of a semi-industrial area has been serving up tasty eats for years and you’re pretty much guaranteed to go away stuffed.
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Nenrinya Ginza: Tokyo 2017

Our first exposure to baumkuchen was earlier on our Japan trip when we came across Kyo-Baum in Kyoto. This German cake, which is made on a rotating spit, had us so enamoured that we specifically went looking for baumkuchen when we were in Tokyo.
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Kyo-Baum Gion North: Kyoto 2017

After our morning visit to Fushimi Inari-taisha and Yasaka Pagoda, we made our way back to Shijo Dori and headed east towards Nishiki Market. As this was their Labour Thanksgiving Day, it was especially crowded in Kyoto (you can’t tell in the picture below but the streets were packed).
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Vancouver Christmas Market 2016: German-Inspired Food

The Vancouver Christmas Market is becoming a bit of tradition in the city. But, as with most traditions, change is always inevitable. In this case, the big change for 2016 was the change in location from the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza to the Jack Poole Plaza (site of the 2010 Olympic Cauldron).
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Kaisereck Deli – Perogy Plate

When we go to Granville Island, we usually wind up at one of the many restaurants that they have and avoid eating at the food court. Not because they don’t have good food there but because it’s so busy and there’s limited seating.
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Krause Berry Farms

Krause Berry Farms spans over 200 acres in Langley Township and is more than just a berry farm… they’ve got a bakery, fudgery, creamery, market and winery. In some respects, it reminds me of our visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon. Read the rest of this entry

Old Bavaria Haus – Potato Pancakes and Schnitzel

We had a hankering for some good schnitzel recently so we wound up at Old Bavaria Haus in New West.  Because this restaurant is located in a remodelled historic house, there are different dining areas (this time we wound up on the west side of the house). Read the rest of this entry

Old Bavaria Haus – Schnitzel Heaven

Just a few blocks down from Taqueria Playa Tropical on 6th Street is an old home that has been converted into a German restaurant specializing in schnitzel.

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Fraser Park Restaurant – German Breakfast and French Toast

Breakfast at Fraser Park Restaurant is still quite popular with the place packed during the peak morning hours.  We had a hankering for some potato pancakes in late November and were lucky enough to arrive before a large group of other diners. Read the rest of this entry

Fraser Park Restaurant – Elevenses

Like so many others, I’ve often driven past this hole-in-the-wall diner without even noticing it.  Just a block or two away from the Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park, this little gem is a favourite of locals. Read the rest of this entry