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Zog’s Dogs (Whistler 2015)

You can’t miss Zog’s Dogs when you visit Whistler. Located near the ski lifts, the smell of freshly sautéed onions wafts everywhere. Sophie remembered the french fries from our last visit here so we knew we had to stop by.
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Dinky Dawgs (Whistler 2013)

Dinky Dawgs is one of the food shops that we noticed on our last visit to Whistler but didn’t have the time to try.  Tucked away in a little side street, it’s easy to miss. Read the rest of this entry

Japadog (Robson) – Terimayo Combo

Do you remember your first Japadog?  As I’ve mentioned on some previous posts, I don’t get downtown very often any more (both by choice and due to circumstance).  I do, however, remember when the only hot dog stands on the streets were those small push cart vendors selling their plain old smokies to passerbys.  Read the rest of this entry

Hula Dog – Hawaii 2013

So what’s a Hula Dog?  It’s not a canine performing a hula dance on YouTube.  It’s not a new dance meme craze from Korea… It’s a twist on the good old fashioned hot dog.  Read the rest of this entry

Zog’s Dogs (Whistler)

Zog’s Dogs is something that you can’t miss when you come to Whistler.  Located near the ski lifts, they serve… you guessed it… hot dogs!  While they’re also known for their poutine, we weren’t looking for something that filling and stuck with regular fries.  Plus, Sophie loves fries and the gravy probably would have given her a tummy ache. Read the rest of this entry

Costco Food Court (Still Creek) – Cheap Eats

Most days that we go shopping at Costco, there is always a huge lineup at the food court… the whole place is filled with hungry customers (who have probably filled up on all of the free samples already).  If you thought the Costco parking lot can get crazy at times, you should see what happens when dozens of hungry customers have to line up all of their overflowing shopping carts so they can jockey for an empty seat at the food court.

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