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Young Bean Korean BBQ: New Korean Restaurant in Sapperton

Recently, I noticed that a new restaurant had taken over the former Koh Thai location at the corner of E. Columbia and Braid. The interior layout looks pretty much unchanged with the partially open kitchen which allows diners to hear and smell their food being prepared.
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Dooboo: Soft Tofu Soup

Back in October of 2017, a new sundubu restaurant called DooBoo opened up in the former location of Kenzo Japanese Noodle House on the corner of Kingsway and Griffiths. Sundubu refers to soft tofu which is usually prepared in a stew in Korean cuisine. You can see their cute mascot on their wall, an anthropomorphized piece of tofu sitting in a bowl of simmering soup like it was a hot tub.
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Sooda Korean BBQ: Cheese Corn

Sooda Korean BBQ is a relatively newish Korean restaurant that opened up around May 2017 that is situated in the former Fire Pots location. Evidence of the former restaurant can be seen with the Fire Pots branding still displayed on the in-laid table elements as well as the fire pots hanging from the ceiling.
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Kinnotsubasaerudoru (Nishiki Market): Kyoto 2017

As I mentioned previously, we made the mistake of heading to Kyoto during Japan’s Labour Thanksgiving Day (it felt like everyone in Japan was here that day). We had plans on visiting Nishiki Market because we’ve heard it’s a great food area (similar to Kuromon Market in Osaka). Well, one thing is for sure, it’s very popular! During our visit, we were squished in the market like sardines and weren’t able to enjoy any of the food. By the time we made it towards the end of the market, we were hungry and came across Kinnotsubasaerudoru (金の翼エルドール) which is a Korean restaurant located just outside the market area.
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Masita Korean Restaurant: Sad Bibimbap

Okay, so I must have been having one of “those” days when I first visited Masita Korean Restaurant back in early June. This new restaurant is in the former Pho Tan location on Kingsway (which was my original planned destination). As a matter of fact, I had recently visited Pho Tan only a couple of weeks prior. So when I pulled up outside this restaurant in early June and still saw the name “Pho Tan” on the green awning, I must have been flying on auto pilot.
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Hanwoori Korean Restaurant: Seafood Pancake

We’ve been to Hanwoori many times in the past so I’ll just cut to the chase… they serve Korean food in Burnaby. There… I said it.
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Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant: Dolsot Bibimbap

It never surprises me how often restaurants come and go… it’s a tough business, especially in a fickle place like Vancouver. I was driving by the Edmonds area of Burnaby last December when I noticed that a new restaurant had recently replaced Lui’s Chinese Restaurant. The thing that really caught my eye was the name of the new restaurant… Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant.

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Sura Korean Cuisine (Richmond): Lunch Special

Sura Korean Cuisine currently has two locations in the Lower Mainland… one on Robson Street in Vancouver and this outlet on the lower floor of Aberdeen Centre in Richmond (takiing over the old Tropika location).
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Hanbijae LaQua (Tokyo 2016): Dolsot Bibimbap in Japan

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Andamiro Korean Bistro – Average Eats

Back in August, we were looking for some new tasty food in our area and found that there was a new Korean restaurant out on Kingsway.
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Dae-Ji Cutlet House (Burnaby) – Korean Fusion

Dae-Ji Cutlet House is a Korean fusion chain that opened up in Burnaby in the former Cattle Cafe location. Interestingly, Cattle Cafe moved out of their former location only to relocate next door. I suppose the curved layout of the interior is a bit challenging because of the seating restriction.
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Seoul Cafe – Bulgogi Bibimbap

Seoul Cafe is an interesting Korean restaurant that’s located across from Metropolis at Metrotown on the same block as Miss Saigon and Satomi.
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