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Peaked Pies (Whistler 2018): Aussie Meat Pies

The thing that we noticed about Whistler (especially this year) was the large contingent of Aussies in the village… both visiting and also working in the various retail shops. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, to find a place like Peaked Pies in Whistler.
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The Pie Hole (Burnaby): Stuff Your Pie Hole

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know that I’ve often gushed about the pies from The Pie Hole. When they finally opened a store front on Fraser St in Vancouver last year, I thought my dreams had finally come true. Well, earlier this year, they opened up a brand new location in Burnaby only a few minutes from my work place.
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The Pie Hole: One of the Best Pie Shops in Vancouver

About ten years ago, there was a tv show on air called Pushing Daisies about a man with the ability to bring back the dead… but with certain consequences. Together with his formerly-deceased childhood crush, he used his abilities to solve murder cases. The reason why I mention this is because the main character was a baker and opened a restaurant called “The Pie Hole”. Since then, I’ve had a fascination with being able to walk into a shop called “The Pie Hole” and order up a bunch of different tasty pies.
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Hilltop Diner – Blast From the Past

As someone who lives and works around Vancouver/Burnaby, I don’t usually find myself out in the sticks very often. Okay, Fort Langley isn’t exactly the sticks… but I did get the whole small town rural vibe going on as I got closer to my destination.
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The Pie Shoppe – Smallest Pie Shop in Vancouver?

Late last year, The Pie Shoppe opened up in a little nook located in Chinatown.  If you walk along Gore Street, you couldn’t be blamed for missing this little shop next to Lok’s Produce. Read the rest of this entry

The Pie Hole – Savory and Sweet Pies

As I mentioned on my last post on The Mighty Oak, one of the main reasons for visiting was to pick up fresh baked pies from The Pie Hole in Vancouver.  There’s a few other places that they supply and your best bet right now is to check their twitter feed @pieholevan as they usually tweet when they make deliveries. Read the rest of this entry