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Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlor (Burnaby)

Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlor is a throwback to the pizza parlors that I remember as a kid… back when people used to eat at pizza joints instead of just ordering pizza to-go.  The inside of the Edmonds location is quite spacious with lots of roomy booths and plenty of room for a large party.

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GrassRoots Pizza vs. Avalanche Pizza (Whistler)

I guess it goes without saying that a town like Whistler (that’s built on the snowboarding community) would have a ton of pizza joints littered around the village.  After all, if you’ve got the munchies after a day of snowboarding (or whatever else an unnamed Olympic Medallist does in his spare time), nothing hits the spot better than a slice of pizza. Read the rest of this entry

Roman Ristorante – Traditional Baked Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

We’ve been getting flyers in the mail for Roman Ristorante (located on Kingsway) for a long time but we’ve never been able to try them out.  The first time we tried coming here, they wound up being closed but we made sure we kept it in mind to try eventually.  The restaurant is pretty small – at most 7 tables and, when we stopped by for take-out one night, a bit chilly.

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Neighbour’s Restaurant & Pizza House

Years ago, when I used to work on East 41st Ave, the staff would occassionally eat at Neighbour’s Restaurant on Victoria and 49th… I think we even had a branch xmas party there one year and I recall that the food tasted pretty good.  The restaurant is very much like the name implies – friendly, cozy and comforting food. Read the rest of this entry

Georgio’s Cafe & Pizzeria – Filipino BBQ Skewers

There are just so many things that seem wrong with this hole-in-the-wall restaurant that I was almost hesitant to try the food.  But, since I drive by this place 4 times a day, I figured it’s about time I tried it out.  I used to think that Georgio’s was just another pizza joint catering to the nearby high school.  And while they seem to do brisk lunch business with the teenagers looking for $3 poutine, I came for the Filipino style BBQ chicken and pork.

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Panago Pizza (Tyne Street) – Thin Crust Pizzas

Say what you will about Panago Pizza but they really have their operation put together well.  Their pizzas may not be the best in the Lower Mainland but they are consistently fresh and tasty.  You can get any of their pizzas on a thin crust – which is our favourite right now.  Read the rest of this entry

Columbus Restaurant – Everything But The Waitress

On an earlier post for Columbus Restaurant, we had tried their Chef’s Mistake pizza which was chock full of toppings.  This time around, we decided to go for broke and get their Everything But The Waitress pizza. Read the rest of this entry

Flying Wedge Pizza (Market Crossing)

Flying Wedge Pizza brings back a lot of memories…

The year was 1989 and I had just started attending UBC.  Trying to pass the 3 hours I had between classes, I went to the SUB where they were having some kind of comedy fest… plus, they were giving away free pizza (bonus!).  But I quickly found out that this was not the regular pizza you get any other pizza joint. Read the rest of this entry

Columbus Restaurant

We didn’t really feel like cooking tonight and, as luck would have it, a flyer for Columbus Restaurant came in the junk mail today.  Columbus Restaurant is a small little restaurant tucked away in a little corner of Killarney Square.  When you enter the restaurant, it actually looks larger because of the huge mirror on the wall that makes the room seem twice as large. Read the rest of this entry