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Nando’s: Barcelos Wannabe

When Barcelos first opened up at Market Crossing, I thought it was just a copycat of the more well known Nando’s. To be honest, I’ve only eaten at Nando’s on rare occasions (mainly in shopping mall food courts) and I’ve never been very thrilled by their offerings.
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Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken (Market Crossing) – Nando’s?

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken recently opened up in the Market Crossing area of Burnaby. Interestingly, as soon as I walked inside, I felt like I had walked into a Nando’s.
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Fortuna Bakery – North Burnaby Pastries

There’s no shortage of quality bakeries along the Hastings corridor in North Burnaby. After a filling meal at Anton’s back in March, we noticed Fortuna Bakery – a family-owned Portuguese and European bakery/deli that’s been operating in Burnaby Heights for over 35 years.
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Leonard’s Bakery (Hawaii 2016) – Lychee Malasadas

Say it with me… “Malasadas”
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Leonard’s Bakery (Honolulu 2015) – Malasadas

We missed visiting Leonard’s Bakery during our last trip to Hawaii in 2013 so we were really looking forward to trying out their malasadas… basically a Portuguese doughnut.
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