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Kea’s Meats & Deli

Kea’s Meats & Deli is a popular butcher shop that’s located in the middle of nowhere. I’ve worked nearby for years and never even knew this place existed.
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Ingrid’s Village Cafe (Whistler 2015) – Super Sandwiches and Soup

Ingrid’s Village Cafe has been one of our favourite spots to grab a quick bite at Whistler. We always seem to order their turkey sandwich – on our first visit, it was their turkey ciabatta, and on our second visit, it was their turkey focaccia.
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Food Coma: Chicken Wings, Bubble Waffles, BBT, Fish and Chips and Fried Chicken – Oh My!

We didn’t really plan to go on a food adventure – well, not to this extent.
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Camellia Tea & Coffee

Camellia Tea & Coffee is located next to Ki Tea House Cafe on Royal Oak in Burnaby. It’s amazing that, on this one little block, there’s two pretty good coffee/tea places.
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Subway (Willingdon and Lougheed) – Eat Fresh

So, I found myself around the Brentwood area early one Saturday morning looking for a place to grab a quick bite. Subway wasn’t my first choice, but with all of the construction going on, I didn’t have a lot of choices.
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Ki Tea House Cafe

Ki Tea House Cafe is a relatively new bubble tea shop that opened earlier in 2014. The thing that caught my eye was seeing their cosplay contest back during their grand opening in July.
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Big Star Sandwich Company – Revisits

I always have trouble deciding what to order when I go to Big Star Sandwich on 12th. Do I stick with something that I know I love or do I try something new?
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Ha Cafe – Hidden Vietamese

Ha Cafe is an easy-to-miss Vietnamese restaurant located in Old Orchard Shopping Centre in Burnaby next to the Shoppers Drug Mart.
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Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar (Coal Harbour)

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Anny’s Dairy Bar – Maple Twist Cone

With the weather finally starting to look a bit better towards mid-May, I stopped by Anny’s Dairy Bar for lunch and to try their famous Maple Twist Cone.

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Miura Waffle Milk Bar

I’ve heard many good things of Miura Waffle Milk Bar. But because it used to be located downtown, I never had the chance to try them out. So when I heard that they moved to Main Street, I decided to try them out the next time I had a waffle-itch.

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La Grotta Del Fromaggio – The Cave of Cheese

Located next to Fratelli Bakery on The Drive is La Grotta Del Fromaggio… or the The Cave of Cheese. Read the rest of this entry