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Icepik Shavery – Snow Cream

Having been to Hawaii, where “shave ice” reigns supreme, I have to admit that the Taiwanese “snow cream” version is pretty awesome. Icepik Shavery recently opened up on Kingsway and brings this new treat to Vancouverites.
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Lulu’s Hawaiian Shave Ice (Steveston Farmers Market)

Nothing says summer more than shave ice.  If you’ve never been to Hawaii before, you’re probably wondering how this differs from a regular snow cone.  Unlike a snow cone which uses crushed ice, shave ice has much finer ice which absorbs the syrups better.

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Matsumoto Shave Ice – Hawaii 2013

As I mentioned on our visit to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, our trip to the North Shore was a bit overcast and rainy.  We were driving though Haleiwa after a couple more car navigation snafus while stopping by Ehukai Beach (to see the Banzai Pipeline) and Laniakea Beach (to see the sea turtles) and noticed a long line of people standing in the rain waiting for shave ice.

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Magoo’s Burgers – Hawaii 2013

One of the most prominent landmarks in Waikiki (besides the endless number of ABC Stores that dot the area) is Diamond Head which is a volcanic tuff cone that looms over the city.  It’s also a popular hiking location because of the expansive views that it affords from the rim of the crater. Read the rest of this entry