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V Cafe: Banh Mi and Vegan Beef Stew

I had such high hopes for V Cafe. I mean, I was just coming here for a banh mi. For those of you who haven’t tried it before, a banh mi is a type of Vietnamese sandwich served in an airy and crusty baguette.
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Chau Veggiexpress (Granville Island) – The Golden Temple Soup

Okay, first off… I’m not a vegetarian. I love me a good steak and think that the only thing better than crispy bacon is super fork-tender stewed pork belly. But when we were in Granville Island in May, I noticed that they opened up a new Chau Veggiexpress in the food court and figured I’d try them out.
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The Naam – Breakfast

The Naam is actually one of the restaurants in Vancouver that’s older than I am… now that’s longevity given that Vancouver foodies tend to be quite fickle.
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Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House – What the Pho?

Have you ever heard of a vegetarian pho before?  Yeah, me neither.  One of the characteristic elements of pho (for me at least) is the beef and the broth.

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