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Kuromon Sanpei (Kuromon Ichiba Market: Osaka 2017

One of the more popular spots in the Kuromon Ichiba Market is Kuromon Sanpei… known for their fatty tuna. This place is very popular so it’s a good idea to go there early. Again, like most places at the market, unless you read Japanese (or Chinese kanji), you might have difficulty finding this place.
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Mooncake Festival 2011

Mooncake Festival, or Mid-Autumn Festival, came and went yesterday… like so many other lunar-based events, the actual date of the Mooncake Festival moves around the Western calendar each year (in this case, between September and October near the autumnal equinox). Read the rest of this entry

Spot Prawns @ Home

Spot prawns are the largest commercial species of shrimp found on the west coast and are usually available fresh for a short period of time between May and June.  Read the rest of this entry

Dragon Boat Festival

It’s that time again to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival… As with most Chinese celebrations, the date moves all over the place so you never really know when it’s going to happen.  Traditionally, it occurs on the fifth day of the fifth moon (on the lunar calendar) which works out to June 6th, 2011 (I told you it was confusing).

Personally, I think the whole thing about Chinese holidays, birthdays, new year, etc.. moving all over the place was just a bunch of Chinese parents trying to mess with their kids…. “yes, Junior, I know it’s June 1st but that’s not your birthday this year… that’s not for another 3 weeks.” Read the rest of this entry

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