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H Tasting Lounge: Cherry Blossom Festival Afternoon Tea

H Tasting Lounge is located in the lobby of the Westin Bayshore in the scenic Coal Harbour area of Vancouver. This small but spiffy dining area is a nod to one of their well-known guests… Howard Hughes who occupied the penthouse (of the then known Bayshore Inn) for 6 months back in the early 70’s. The sleek geometric lines, gold-hued accents, art deco decor and glitzy chandelier is most likely meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia for his earlier glamorous years before he became the recluse he was when he visited Vancouver.
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Origo Club: Afternoon Tea

The number of places that you can enjoy Afternoon Tea has certainly ramped up in Vancouver over the last couple of years. One of the newer and splashier places is Origo Club in Richmond. What sets Origo apart from other places that serve Afternoon Tea is their attached gallery that displays various contemporary Asian art pieces. I know it sounds a bit disconnected from the French-inspired fare that Origo strives for, especially when you consider Afternoon Tea being so closely associated with old world English culture.
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Secret Garden Tea: Holiday High Tea

While we’ve been to Secret Garden Tea in Kerrisdale before, this is our first revisit since they moved locations. Their new spot (really close to their last location) seems brighter and a bit larger. That’s a good thing because it gets really busy here for high tea… especially around the holiday season.
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Neverland Tea Salon: Easter High Tea

Neverland is home to lost boys like me and lost boys like me are thirsty for tea.
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Notch 8 Restaurant: Afternoon Tea

In the heart of downtown lies one of the most iconic hotels in Vancouver, Hotel Vancouver – or as it’s currently branded, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. We came by for Afternoon Tea in early December only to find out that all of the roads were closed due to the annual Santa Claus Parade and we were on the wrong side of West Georgia Street.
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La Petite Cuillere – Afternoon Tea

It’s been too long since we’ve had Afternoon Tea. I’m not sure what I enjoy more… trying the different types of teas or the selection of tiny pastries and sandwiches. La Petite Cuillere is the location of our latest foray and is located on Kingsway, near French Made Baking (I wonder if they get their macarons from FMB?)
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Globe@YVR – Afternoon Tea at The Fairmont Vancouver Airport

Afternoon Tea used to be something that you could only find in the swankiest downtown hotels. At some point, a number of bakeries and tea shops started offering afternoon tea service… now you can find it pretty much anywhere.
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Secret Garden Tea Company – Afternoon Tea in Kerry’s Dale

It’s been a number of years since we last had afternoon tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company. Located in Kerrisdale (once known as “Kerry’s Dale”), this quaint little shop is hardly a secret to tea lovers.
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Fish House in Stanley Park – Afternoon Tea

If you’re looking to do Afternoon Tea in Stanley Park, where should you go? Your first guess would probably be at The Teahouse in Stanley Park… actually, I’m not even sure if they do Afternoon Tea at The Teahouse. No, this post is on Afternoon Tea at the Fish House in Stanley Park.
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Xi Shi Lounge – Afternoon Tea

Xi Shi Lounge is located in the the Shangri-La Hotel, the current tallest building in Vancouver. We stopped by for afternoon tea one Saturday morning and came to realize that this location wasn’t very busy. In fact, when we first arrived, there wasn’t any staff to greet us and we had to wait quite a while before someone returned.
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900 West Lounge – White Monkey Paw

Okay, so we’ve had one of the great DealFind coupons for Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver burning a hole in our pocket since last year.  We originally visited last summer and were quite pleased… especially with the raisin scones (see our first visit).

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Secret Garden Tea Company – High Tea

Contrary to it’s name, the Secret Garden Tea Company is hardly a secret at all… in fact, it’s one of the more popular places for High Tea (or Afternoon Tea if you want to get technical).  We made reservations for noon – and, as usual with our luck, they had some trouble finding our reservations.  Fortunately, we arrived early enough that they were still able to seat us because the tables started filling up quickly as soon as we sat down. Read the rest of this entry