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Tairyou Ichiba: Hits and Misses

Tairyou Ichiba is a fairly busy Japanese restaurant located on Kingsway in Burnaby. From the outside, the main identifying aspect is their large wooden door, which seems to be a hold over from the last Japanese restaurant that occupied this location (Kura Japanese). Like Kura before them, Tairyou Ichiba (Japanese for big fish market) has a fairly extensive menu to choose from.
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Isami Sushi: Revisit in Burnaby

I’ve been looking forward to revisitng Isami Sushi after previously trying their sashimi and nigiri sushi in mid-2016. This time, however, I wanted to try some of their other dishes to see how they compare.
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Sushi S: Hit-and-Miss in Burnaby

Sushi S is located in a busy mini mall located on the southwest corner of Willingdon and Moscrop. I’ve often passed by this location but steered clear due to how busy the crowded parking lot seems to get.
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Take Sushi – Grilled Salmon Belly

We’re big fans of Take Sushi, located on Hastings Street in North Burnaby. I don’t think we’ve ever had anything bad here before.
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Sushi Bella (Burnaby) – Hawaiian Poke

It’s been about a year since my first visit and I’m really enjoying the food at Sushi Bella.
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