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Da Hawaiian Poke Company (Hawaii 2017): Da Works!

As I mentioned previously, we were really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii because there’s really no substitute for Hawaiian poke. So it’s really no surprise that, after our visit to Ono Seafood, we headed over to another nearby poke place.
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Ono Seafood (Hawaii 2017): Classic Hawaiian Poke

Ono Seafood is well named – “ono” in Hawaiian means “delicious” and everything about the fresh seafood poke here screams deliciousness. This little hole-in-the-wall place has been on our must visit list since we first tried them out.
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Shaka Poke (Hawaii 2017): Basic Poke

One of the things that we were really looking forward to during our recent trip to Hawaii was all of the poke that we were going to eat. Sure, we had some favourite poke places to return to… but we also wanted to find some new poke places around Waikiki. That’s how we ended up at Shaka Poke
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Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors in Kailua (Hawaii 2017): Seriously Tasty Poke

I know poke has taken a stranglehold in Vancouver but there’s really nothing the same as the poke you get in Hawaii. You can take the hipsterish poke burritos (basically sushi rolls) and poke bowls filled with more toppings than raw fish… I prefer something a bit more classic… like Ono Seafood. When planning for our recent trip to Oahu, I had heard about a place where you can get quality poke from a (wait for it) liquor store!
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