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Carp Sushi + Bento – Poke Bowls

2016 will come down as the year that poke finally arrived in Vancouver. Poke (pronounced po-keh) is a simple but classic dish that we fell in love with when we visited Hawaii… cubed, fresh, raw fish, marinated in special sauces (mainly shoyu, sesame oil, and/or spicy mayo).
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Coco Cove (Hawaii 2016) – Poke and Mochi Ice Cream

Okay, so everyone that’s been to Waikiki knows about ABC Stores… one, maybe two, on every block and chock full of things that most tourists are looking for including sundries and snacks. Well, Coco Cove doesn’t have as many locations (currently 2 in Waikiki) but it’s not just another ABC Store.
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Sushi Bella (Burnaby) – Hawaiian Poke

It’s been about a year since my first visit and I’m really enjoying the food at Sushi Bella.
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