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Le Marché St. George – Crêpe, Croissant, and Hot Chocolate

It wasn’t very long ago that there were fears that the quaint little market/café known as Le Marché was going to have to close down due to some complaints by neighbours.
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The Mighty Oak – More Than Just a Grocery Store

After finishing off an early morning meal at Slickity Jim’s, I headed down to 18th and Columbia to an interesting corner store called The Mighty Oak. Read the rest of this entry

Salt Spring Coffee Co (Main St)

It was a dark and stormy morning when I found myself out on Main Street looking for somewhere to pass the time before my first work appointment.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the Salt Spring Coffee Co. on E 27th (despite the fact that I don’t drink coffee).  Read the rest of this entry

French Made Baking

As I mentioned on my recent post to Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café, macarons have been the darling of the Vancouver food scene for a while.  There are so many different versions of this popular little confectionery and French Made Baking, located on Kingsway near East Broadway, is one of the big players in the macaron community. Read the rest of this entry

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café

With so many great bakeries and cafés around Vancouver, how do you know which is the best?  And best for whom?  Everyone has different tastes but I think it’s only natural that we try and draw comparisons from similar experiences to help us categorize our hectic lives.  Read the rest of this entry