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Rocket Donuts (Bellingham) – Out of this World

So, who knew there was a downtown Bellingham? Well, I guess the people that live there I suppose. But as a visiting Canadian, my knowledge of Bellingham was generally limited to Bellis Fair Mall and the pit stop when heading further south down the I-5.
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Swiss Bakery – Frissant

If you’re looking for a Cronut™ in Vancouver, you might be out of luck since that croissant-doughnut name is trademarked. Instead, you can head down to Swiss Bakery and pick up a Frissant – a portmanteau of “fritter” and “croissant”. It’s hard to believe that the whole process of making these yummy creations of fried laminated dough takes 3 days – perhaps that’s why these go so fast.
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Lee’s Donuts – Giant Apple Fritter

I vowed on one of my last visits to Lee’s Donuts that I would come back one day and try their giant apple fritter. Read the rest of this entry

Valley Bakery – Apple Fritter in the Heights

Many years ago (long before the interweb was readily available to the public), we’d occasionally stop by Valley Bakery for a special treat.  Since we don’t live in the area, we don’t get to visit this North Burnaby gem very often and usually wind up at Bon Bon Bakery instead. Read the rest of this entry