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Bao Bakery: Apple Tarts and Buns

I’m going to take you back in time… back to the eighties – a time when shoulder pads and fob hairstyles peppered the landscape. It was a time when Chinatown was actually full of Chinese people; buying groceries, dining in Chinese restaurants, and buying Chinese pastries.
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New Town Bakery (Richmond)

Lots of great bakery items here (ie. crispy prawn turnovers, huge walnut cookies, buns galore, …) but the thing that everyone comes for are the flaky apple tarts.

I remember back in the 80`s there was a place that sold these delicious apple tarts in Chinatown (Hong Kong Cafe) but they eventually closed down and the apple tarts were no more.  Some others tried to copy it but it was never the same.  Then one day, New Town Bakery started serving them and all was good in the world again. Read the rest of this entry