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Fat Boy Kitchen: Comfort Food

You know, with a name like Fat Boy Kitchen, it evokes a certain style of food… I mean, don’t expect anything too healthy here. Instead, they focus on hearty meals that fill your belly like noodle soups and rice combos that you’d find at most HK or Taiwanese cafes.
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The Chicken Restaurant: Asian Fried Chicken

The Chicken Restaurant is a newish Asian fried chicken place (who would have guessed with that name, huh?) that opened up on Imperial St. in Burnaby.
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Dundas Eat and Drink: East Van Fusion

For the better part of my childhood, I grew up in East Van… specifically, in the area close to the PNE. Back in the day, it was hardly the place known for being able to find restaurants of any kind. However, over the last few years, a new bunch of eateries have popped up around the northeast corner of Vancouver.
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Queen’s Cafe: Asian Fusion Eats

I’ve often said that the corner of Kingsway and Salibury in Burnaby is like the Bermuda Triangle for restaurants. I’ve lost count of how many restaurants that have come and gone in this spot. Well, a new restaurant showed up here quite some time ago but I’ve kind of avoided it… wondering if it would close like all of the others before it.
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Myst Asian Fusion: Mixed Feelings

Earlier this year, a new restaurant opened up on the former grounds of Lester’s Family Amusement Centre and right next door to Szechuan Cuisine. The restaurant looks all shiny and modern with large tv screens on one wall.
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Bourbon St. Grill (Metrotown): Typical Asian Food

Back in September, Bourbon St. Grill opened up in the Metrotown food court in the former Arby’s location. Now, given their name, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that they serve up creole/cajun food originating from Louisiana.
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IT Char Burger – Hidden Gem in Royal Square Mall

So, I’m beginning to think that I’m the harbinger of death to small burger joints. Just after I visited Burger Burger in New West, it up and closes. So it is with slight trepidation that I admit that I’ve found another burger joint in New West that’s pretty legit.
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Uwajimaya Asian Food & Gift Market – Tako Kyuuban (Seattle)

Uwajimaya Asian Food & Gift Market is located in the Chinatown-International District of Seattle. In some regards, it’s similar to the Fujiya stores in Vancouver. You can find pretty much everything you need here… there’s a large asian book store attached to one side of the market and an eclectic selection of asian food stalls in the food court. Read the rest of this entry