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Nemesis Coffee: Beautiful Avocado Toast

Okay, seriously… when did avocado toast become a thing? If you look on social media a few years ago, you couldn’t scroll far down your feed without seeing someone post about their avocado toast. And while no longer at the height of popularity, it’s still common enough to see people posting pics of their favourite gram worthy dish.
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Paul’s Place Omelettery: The Zimmer

It’s been a while since I last visited Paul’s Place Omelettery (five years I think). This busy breakfast spot is located just south of the Granville Street bridge and serves up some pretty tasty meals.
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The Birds & The Beets: Avocado Toast with Poached Egg

The Birds & The Beets is a cute little café located in the historic flatiron-shaped Hotel Europe in Gastown. Given the triangular shape of the building, the shop fronts on both Powell and Alexander Streets (but the main counter area is near the Powell Street entrance).
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