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Cindy’s Palace – Dim Sum

Cindy’s Palace is a small restaurant located at the corner of Nanaimo and 2nd Avenue in Vancouver.  There’s actually not a lot of large tables in the restaurant – there only seemed to be a few tables that could fit 8 or more people comfortably – most looked like medium-sized tables that could fit at most 6 people or smaller-sized tables for 4 people.

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Empire Seafood – Alaskan King Crab Fest 2013

The last time we visited Empire Seafood Restaurant was almost a year ago for dim sum prior to their move (they’re still in the same complex just a few steps away from their old location).  From what I recall, the dim sum was pretty good so we were looking forward to our Alaskan King Crab dinner here. Read the rest of this entry

Sun Sui Wah – Alaskan King Crab Fest 2013

There’s a lot of Chinese seafood restaurants that serve Alaskan King Crab in the Lower Mainland but one of the first (or at least the one who perfected it) was Sun Sui Wah.  Of course, Sun Sui Wah is our usual go-to place when AKC season starts up (take a look at our previous posts here and here and here). Read the rest of this entry

Golden Swan – Alaskan King Crab Fest 2013

Ahhh!  It’s Alaskan King Crab time again in Vancouver.  That ever so short time of the year when AKC is relatively inexpensive and you can find everyone heading to the nearest Chinese seafood restaurant to experience dining on king crab in the best manner possible. Read the rest of this entry

Sun Sui Wah – King Crab 2012

Last year during King Crab season, we visited Sun Sui Wah a couple of times (see All Hail the King (Crab)! and King Crab 2.0) so it only made sense for us to start this year’s King Crab season at Sun Sui Wah again. Read the rest of this entry