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Takenaka: Takeout Bento and Chirashi

Never has takeout food looked or tasted so good. Such are the thoughts that filled the minds of many people (including myself) as images of impressive bento boxes, chirashi bowls and sushi filled up instafeeds for the last few months. Takenaka is strictly takeout focused, working out of a commissary kitchen in East Vancouver, but also runs a food truck and offers pickup from Konbiniya Japan Centre on Robson Street in downtown.
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Ichiro Japanese Restaurant: Solid Seafood in Steveston

It seems like I’ve been waiting to go to Ichiro Japanese Restaurant in Steveston for ages but, in the past, I’ve always wound up filling up on fish and chips instead. Well, in March this year, we decided to change things up a bit. We still got fish and chips from Pajos but we only ordered a small serving to save room for our visit to Ichiro.
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