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Burgoo (Kits): Comfort Food

This isn’t my first time dining at Burgoo. I mean, a place dedicated to comfort food? Why am I not here more often?
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Burgoo (Point Grey): Comfort Food

Burgoo is the place to go to when you’re craving some real comfort food. Pretty much everything on their menu spells out dishes that warm and fill your belly like mac & cheese and chicken pot pie. They don’t just focus on one region of cuisine either… they have Mexican, Thai, French, British, American, etc… as long as it’s comfort food, you’ll find it here. While they have 5 locations around town, this visit was to their Point Grey location on W 10th Ave.
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L’Abattoir – The Slaughterhouse

For some people, going to a restaurant named “The Slaughterhouse” located steps away from Blood Alley, might give you pause for thought. However, the names around historic Gastown are mainly meant to pay homage to the location’s storied past. L’Abattoir is situated near the centre of Gastown and the famous John “Gassy Jack” Deighton statue. It’s also located in the same building as Vancouver’s first jail and near the original meat packing district, hence the name.
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Le Parisien (Dine Out Vancouver 2014)

The great thing about Dine Out Vancouver is trying out restaurants that you’ve never been to before.  Last year we tried a great French bistro called Bistro Pastis on West 4th  (see our 2013 Dine Out post here).  This year, we decided to try Le Parisien, a French bistro in the West End owned by the same person as Bistro Pastis.

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Café Régalade – Kits French Bistro

We’ve always been fans of La Régalade located in West Van.  Their French Onion Soup is to die for… not to mention their Beef Bourguignon and Grilled Prime Rib.  The main problem is that West Van is a bit far for us to travel.  Read the rest of this entry

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro

Chez Meme has been on my list of places to try for quite a while but I haven’t found myself in the North Burnaby area for ages.  As it turns out, we happened to be in the neighbourhood looking for some eats and wound up parking right in front of Chez Meme.

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La Régalade – French Onion Soup

We’ve been to La Régalade before and enjoyed our visit (see our previous post) but we don’t always find ourselves out in West Van too often.  Fortunately, they open for brunch (Fri, Sat, Sun @ 11:30am) so we dropped by on the weekend last November.  It was empty when we first arrived but got busier as noon approached. Read the rest of this entry

La Régalade French Bistro

I’ve been thinking about trying out La Régalade for a long time but West Vancouver is a bit far for us to travel on a regular day.  Luckily, they’ve started to open on Sundays so we came by for an early dinner. Read the rest of this entry