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C Restaurant – Dine Out Vancouver 2013

The great thing about Dine Out (for both restaurants and customers) is that you get a chance to try out a number of places that you might not normally try out. Read the rest of this entry

Pied-à-Terre Bistro – Beef Cheek Bourguignon

After having some seriously great French food at Mistral French Bistro and Bistrot Bistro previously, I’ve been thinking of trying out Pied-à-Terre on Cambie for a while.  Literally translated to “foot on the ground”, the term pied-à-terre has come to mean a secondary home… to me, it just means a great place to pick up some tasty French food. Read the rest of this entry

Mistral French Bistro – Giant Vanilla Macaron Dessert

Mistral French Bistro is a friendly little restaurant located on West Broadway on the same block as Thomas Haas.  We dropped by for a xmas lunch with friends recently and were treated with some very friendly service  For some reason, I always expect French restaurants to be a bit rude… I must be projecting some unfounded stereotype.

Read the rest of this entry