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King’s Chinese Cuisine: Not Your Fancy Dim Sum Place

Despite never eating at King’s Chinese Cuisine before, our visit was a bit of a throwback for me… mainly because this place really kicks things old school.
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Dragon View Chinese Cuisine: Dim Sum

Dragon View Chinese Cuisine is located on the second floor of Continental Shopping Centre in Richmond and has a pleasant looking interior with interesting chandeliers that, to me, resembled the round leaves of a money tree (lunaria annua). There’s also a large floral mural on one wall made up of tiny metallic and glass tiles.
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Ban Dao Pearl Seafood Restaurant: High End Dim Sum

Have you ever been to Peninsula Seafood Restaurant? You know, that somewhat overpriced Chinese restaurant located in Oakridge Mall? Well, if you drive about 10 minutes down Cambie, you’ll find their sister restaurant… Ban Dao Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Marine Gateway. Yes, it’s a bit confusing because Ban Dao is Chinese for Peninsula.
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Dai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum

Dai Tung Chinese Seafood is a long-standing restaurant tucked in a tiny mini mall on Kingsway. We stopped by for dim sum in early September and found that it wasn’t very busy.
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Kongee Dinesty: Chinese Comfort Food

This past winter has seemed to be sooo cold! And nothing soothes a cold winter better than comfort food…
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Sun Sui Wah (Richmond): Dim Sum

Due to the large number of dim sum restaurants in the area, it’s not unusual for us to go for years before returning to a restaurant that we’ve previously tried before… even one that we’ve quite enjoyed. Sun Sui Wah used to be one of the more popular dim sum restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond (they have locations in both cities) but I had heard that the food quality had declined recently.
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Come Along Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum and Dinner

Come Along Seafood Restaurant is a busy Chinese restaurant along the same Kingsway block as Phekda Chinese Restaurant. I’ve been here both for dim sum and also for dinner with very different service levels.
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Chong Lum Hin Seafood – Dim Sum

Chong Lum Hin is your typical old-school Chinese restaurant located in New West.  Given that New West doesn’t have a big selection of dim sum places, Chong Lum Hin is a pretty good alternative.

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Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

It always seems like there is a noticeable dead zone of places to pick up a decent breakfast near the Costco on Still Creek.  There is, however a dim sum restaurant located at the Grand Villa Casino that we’ve been to before (check out our last visit).

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Star Anise Restaurant – Dim Sum

Star Anise opened up recently in April in the old Samosa Garden location on Kingsway.  I’m not entirely sure if our visit was representative of their regular service or if it’s just because they were still working some of the kinks out so you may want to take this review with a grain of salt. Read the rest of this entry

The Jade Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

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Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum Slots

We came to Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant on an early Sunday morning for dim sum (they open at 9:30am).  Located next to the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, there is plenty of free parking in the nearby lot. Read the rest of this entry