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Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant (Bellevue): Citrus Fruit Tea and Taiwanese Pork Burger

One of our last restaurants to try during our Seattle road trip was Facing East, which is a popular Taiwanese restaurant located in a small mini mall in Bellevue… and by “popular” I mean expect for a wait to get in here. We showed up around the dinner hour on a Saturday and waited about 45 minutes to get in.
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The French Bakery (Bellevue): Savory Crepes

I had fairly high hopes for The French Bakery during our road trip. After all… it’s all right in the name. Who could ask for anything more? Well, we actually had a tough time trying to find this place as it’s tucked inside the Elements building. And despite the address being on 112th Ave NE, it’s actually easier to find if you walk into 111th Ave NE as that leads right to the courtyard area where you can see the bakery.
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Denny’s (Bellevue) – Greasy Spoon Diner

Okay, there was really no good reason for our visit to the Denny’s on 116th Ave NE in Bellevue other than the fact that we were planning on heading out early for a trip down the Washington/Oregon coast.

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Joey Bellevue (Bellevue) – Ahi Tuna Club

Joey Bellevue wasn’t our original plan for dinner on the first night of our road trip. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Joey… we’ve always enjoyed the Joey locations back home in Vancouver. But after hearing the long waits at a number of other nearby restaurants, we were just getting hungry and wanted anything to eat. Read the rest of this entry