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Arisu Authentic Korean BBQ: Bibimbap

Arisu is one of the typical Korean restaurants that you’ll find along the North Road corridor between Burnaby and Coquitlam. This particular location is on the second floor of a mini mall above the Hannam Supermarket.
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Young Bean Korean BBQ: New Korean Restaurant in Sapperton

Recently, I noticed that a new restaurant had taken over the former Koh Thai location at the corner of E. Columbia and Braid. The interior layout looks pretty much unchanged with the partially open kitchen which allows diners to hear and smell their food being prepared.
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Kinnotsubasaerudoru (Nishiki Market): Kyoto 2017

As I mentioned previously, we made the mistake of heading to Kyoto during Japan’s Labour Thanksgiving Day (it felt like everyone in Japan was here that day). We had plans on visiting Nishiki Market because we’ve heard it’s a great food area (similar to Kuromon Market in Osaka). Well, one thing is for sure, it’s very popular! During our visit, we were squished in the market like sardines and weren’t able to enjoy any of the food. By the time we made it towards the end of the market, we were hungry and came across Kinnotsubasaerudoru (金の翼エルドール) which is a Korean restaurant located just outside the market area.
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Masita Korean Restaurant: Sad Bibimbap

Okay, so I must have been having one of “those” days when I first visited Masita Korean Restaurant back in early June. This new restaurant is in the former Pho Tan location on Kingsway (which was my original planned destination). As a matter of fact, I had recently visited Pho Tan only a couple of weeks prior. So when I pulled up outside this restaurant in early June and still saw the name “Pho Tan” on the green awning, I must have been flying on auto pilot.
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Hanbijae LaQua (Tokyo 2016): Dolsot Bibimbap in Japan

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Pearl’s Korean BBQ (Hawaii 2016) – Bibimbap Loco Moco

What do you get when you take two classics like Korean bibimbap and Hawaiian loco moco and mash them up?
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Sasaya Restaurant – Bibimbap

On my first attempt to visit Long J L Chinese Cuisine, I found that they were closed so I went across the street to Sasaya Restaurant for lunch.
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Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant – Revisit

We were looking for some eats near Metrotown one weekend and decided that we should revisit Morak since we enjoyed our previous meals there (take a look at our last visit here). Read the rest of this entry