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Eggs ‘n Things Waikiki Beach Eggspress (Hawaii 2018): Breakfast with a View

I think I’ve forgotten how many times we’ve dined at Eggs ‘n Things over the years. From the moment we first tried their pancakes topped with a mountain of whipped cream, we’ve been hooked. That being said, we like trying new restaurants so we haven’t been making a point to revisit on each trip to Hawaii (although we did visit an Eggs ‘n Things when we went to Japan last year).
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Eggs ‘n Things Express – Kalakaua (Wakiki 2015)

Our first experience with Eggs ‘n Things Express was back in 2013 when we saw the droves of people lined up outside this restaurant.
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Eggs ‘n Things (Waikiki Beach) – Hawaii 2013

There’s nothing better than starting out a morning with a good breakfast.  And when that breakfast just happens to be served in Hawaii… it’s just all that much better.  Eggs ‘n Things has been around Waikiki since 1974 and they have a few locations right now (their flagship store is located near the Ala Moana Center) but the one that we visited was their busy “eggspress” location right across from the beach with a great view of the ocean. Read the rest of this entry