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Chef of Dumplings: For the Love of Dumplings

Chef of Dumplings is one of the many Asian-themed food stalls in the Aberdeen Centre’s food court… this one specializing in… you guessed it – dumplings! And who doesn’t love a good dumpling from time to time.
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Benitora Gyozabou (Hong Hu Jiao Fang): Tokyo 2017

I guess we were getting a bit homesick for Chinese food because we decided to try a Chinese restaurant in the LaQua shopping area near Tokyo Dome. The name of this restaurant is a bit confusing because it’s known both as Benitora Gyozabou and Hong Hu Jiao Fang – perhaps one is the Japanese name and the other is the Chinese name.
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Joojak Restaurant – Northern Chinese Cuisine

We were running errands along Kingsway one day and decided to try and get some lunch. Unfortunately for us, the whole area was hit with a power outage and most of the regular restaurants that we would go to were closed because of it. For some reason, mid-way up the block, some of the places were still with power so we decided to try Joojak, which specializes in northern-style Chinese cuisine.
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Tai Won – Chinese Korean Snacks

Despite how the name of this restaurant phonetically resembles “Taiwan”, the food served at this little hole-in-the-wall is closer to a Chinese-Korean fusion.  Not that Chinese-Korean fusion is necessarily a bad thing. Read the rest of this entry