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Wei Dao Cafe – Spotty Service

Wei Dao Cafe is a Taiwanese cafe in Burnaby that, until recently, I never knew existed. I drive by it everyday but, because the restaurant is located in the back of a tiny mini mall (the same area as Potter’s Garden), you really don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it.
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Bubble Waffle Cafe – Don’t Burst Your Bubble

Bubble Waffle Cafe is located right next to Xu’s Wonton House in Crystal Mall.
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Food Coma: Chicken Wings, Bubble Waffles, BBT, Fish and Chips and Fried Chicken – Oh My!

We didn’t really plan to go on a food adventure – well, not to this extent.
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Bubble Queen – Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Bubble Waffle

We heard about the various bubble waffles and fresh fruit bubble tea that they serve at Bubble Queen in Richmond and decided to give them a try. It actually took us a while to figure out that they were located on the outside of the shopping complex (facing McKim Way).
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Cattle Cafe (Edmonds) – Malay Laksa, Bubble Waffles, and Lemon Ribena

Cattle Cafe recently opened up in the Edmonds area (in an old Pizza Pizza location) and was fairly quiet when I arrived just after 11am for lunch.  The interior is clean and bright – the big circle prints on the furniture had me wondering if I walked into a time machine taking me back to the seventies.  Read the rest of this entry