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Pho Pho You: Busy Vietnamese Restaurant in New West

There was a time when you could count the number of Vietnamese restaurants in New Westminster on one hand. Well, that’s certainly changed. Take, for instance, Pho Pho You which opened up in late 2016 in the heart of downtown (right along Columbia St).
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Pho Hong Vietnamese Restaurant: Average Food But Big Bowls

It seems like Pho Hong Vietnamese Restaurant has existed for years. The exterior isn’t much to look at… it actually reminds me of an old house (complete will bars on the windows).
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Love of Pho: Bun Bo Hue

Do you love pho? Whether you pronounce it “fo”, “fuh”, or something in between, it’s definitely a popular Vietnamese dish in Vancouver. Lately, however, I’ve been focusing more on Bun Bo Hue which is a similar but spicier rice noodle soup.
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Pho Express Angkor: Revisit in Queensborough Landing

Pho Express Angkor is a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant in Queensborough that I’ve been to before. It’s not often that you find good eats in a outlet mall so I’ve been meaning to revisit this place for quite some time.
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Pho Edmonds: Unassuming Vietnamese Fare

Pho Edmonds is located in a nondescript yet busy mini mall in Burnaby. While there aren’t a lot of tables in the restaurant, there’s plenty of room as the tables are spread apart.
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Pho Boi – A Taste of Vietnam

Pho Boi is a rather spacious Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway that’s open 24 hours a day. I think it used to be Pho Hoa.
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