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Love of Pho: Bun Bo Hue

Do you love pho? Whether you pronounce it “fo”, “fuh”, or something in between, it’s definitely a popular Vietnamese dish in Vancouver. Lately, however, I’ve been focusing more on Bun Bo Hue which is a similar but spicier rice noodle soup.
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Pho Express Angkor: Revisit in Queensborough Landing

Pho Express Angkor is a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant in Queensborough that I’ve been to before. It’s not often that you find good eats in a outlet mall so I’ve been meaning to revisit this place for quite some time.
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Pho Edmonds: Unassuming Vietnamese Fare

Pho Edmonds is located in a nondescript yet busy mini mall in Burnaby. While there aren’t a lot of tables in the restaurant, there’s plenty of room as the tables are spread apart.
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Pho Boi – A Taste of Vietnam

Pho Boi is a rather spacious Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway that’s open 24 hours a day. I think it used to be Pho Hoa.
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