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Shake Shack (Chiyoda): Tokyo 2017

Okay, it might seem strange that our first visit to Shake Shack is in Japan. This New York based hamburger chain started out as a simple food cart back in 2004 but has expanded to over 100 locations around the world (and yet none in Vancouver).
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Red Robin (Coquitlam): Bottomless Fries and Root Beer Floats

I’ve mentioned previously on a number of posts… there was a time when Red Robin was the place to go if you wanted to find “gourmet” burgers. Now, “gourmet” typically meant anything other than a regular cheeseburger and it was also a few decades before all of the newer burger joints started opening up. Still, Red Robin, services a fairly broad demographic looking for a family-friendly atmosphere at relatively fair prices.
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IT Char Burger: Have You Got IT?

Have you got IT?
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Cats Socialhouse – The Pub Burger

There’s lots of options for eats when you head down to Granville Island. Until this point, I’ve steered clear of Cats Socialhouse… mainly because the name evokes a hipster-ish place to me and I’m far from being a social person.
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Red Robin (Robson) – Wild Pacific Crab Cake Burger

There was a time, many moons ago, when Red Robin dominated the casual burger establishment in Vancouver… mainly because there was no competition. Since then, many of the Red Robin franchises in the Lower Mainland have shut down while newer, fresher, restaurants have taken their place.
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White Spot (Central Burnaby) – Comfort Foods

What’s your idea of comfort food? I’m sure macaroni and cheese is near the top of the list for many people… like me for instance.
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White Spot (New West) – Pirate Pak Day

This is a bit of an old post as I’m catching up on some backlogged entries. I figured since today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, it’s fitting to begin here. So… Avast, ye mateys! Sit back and pull up a plank and enjoy the read…

Back on August 12th, it was Adult Pirate Pak Day at White Spot (for every Adult Pirate Pak sold, White Spot was going to donate $2 to the Zajac Ranch for Kids). I’ve had fond memories of enjoying pirate paks when I was a kid so this was the perfect excuse to reminisce and enjoy some food.
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Red Robin (Guildford Town Centre)

There used to be a time back in the 80’s when going out for gourmet burgers meant heading out to Red Robin. Many of the locations have closed over the years (probably due to the competition nowadays). We were starving and passing by the Guildford area so we stopped by for some grub. The decor in here looks exactly like how all of the other locations looked 25 years ago. Maybe it’s the sameness that some people like.
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LA Grill and Bistro (Richmond) – Inexpensive Late Night Eats

The LA Grill and Bistro in Richmond is located in a mini mall at No. 2 and Blundell Road and serves up late night specials starting at 8:30pm until closing.
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Belgard Kitchen – Good Eats in Historic Japantown/Gentrified Railtown

If you’re looking for good eats in an interesting locale, you only have to take a detour to Japantown (or Railtown if you’re going for the newer, gentrified moniker) to find Belgard Kitchen on the corner of Dunlevy Avenue and Alexander Street. It’s interesting to note that, at one time – before Japanese restaurants really took off in Vancouver during the 80’s, the only Japanese restaurants in the city were located along nearby Powell Street. After the Japanese internment during WW II, Japantown never really recovered.
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IT Char Burger – Hidden Gem in Royal Square Mall

So, I’m beginning to think that I’m the harbinger of death to small burger joints. Just after I visited Burger Burger in New West, it up and closes. So it is with slight trepidation that I admit that I’ve found another burger joint in New West that’s pretty legit.
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Lost in the 50’s Drive-in

If you’ve driven along Edmonds, you’ll probably recall seeing the iconic neon sign that currently points to the Lost in the 50’s Drive-in. But the current drive-in wasn’t always underneath the heritage sign… the 20 ft tall curved arrow used to point to the Tomahawk Drive-in that occupied the spot in 1961. Read the rest of this entry