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La Forêt: New Bakery in Burnaby

When I saw my social media feed light up with posts about a new bakery located in Burnaby, I just had to see what the whole hype was about. La Forêt is pretty close to Metrotown but is tucked away on a side street just off Imperial Street. The thing that hits you immediately is how large this bakery is.
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Kamini’s Corner Cafe: Quick Eats, Muted Flavours

It’s hard to believe that my last visit to this small but cute cafe, located on 12th Street in New Westminster, was 4 years ago. Back then, it was known as Amber’s Choice Cafe and I had fond memories of the sandwiches and soups that I had here.
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Cafe Blanket (Tokyo 2016): Snoopy Museum

The Snoopy Museum in Tokyo was one of the places that we wanted to check out during our trip. Many years ago, we visited Santa Rosa (where Charles Schultz lived) and visited the precursor to the original Snoopy Museum.
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