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El Furniture Warehouse (Whistler 2018): You Get What You Pay For

El Furniture Warehouse is an oddly named bar located in the heart of the Village Stroll of Whistler, a block north of the Village Gate Blvd overpass. Arriving in Whistler around 3pm on a late and rainy July weekday, we decided to stop by here to grab some appies (a lot of the big restaurants are closed around this time of the day).
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Sansei Seafood (Seattle): Happy Hour

Sansei Seafood (and their sister restaurant DK Steakhouse) have been two of our favourite restaurants whenever we head over to Waikiki. As a matter of fact, we had just posted about our happy hour adventure at Sansei Seafood in Waikiki just recently. So when we heard that there was a Sansei in Seattle (just a hop, skip and a jump away from Vancouver), we knew that we wanted to try them out the next time we were in the area.
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Maui Brewing Co. (Hawaii 2017): Happy Hour Appies

Early this year, Maui Brewing Co. opened up a brewpub right in the heart of Waikiki. We noticed it right away as it was close to the new International Marketplace and they open early at 7am. Since they offer 50% off appies, we made sure to check them out during our visit.
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Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe – Seafood Sampler

Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe has been a staple at the entrance to Granville island since 2002. The thing is… there’s so many great places to eat at Granville Island that we’ve never found the time to try them out… until now.
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Sfinaki Greek Taverna – Yemista? You betcha!

“Sfinaki!”  Gesundheit?  No, Sfinaki is a Greek restaurant that’s located along the 4000 block of Hastings in North Burnaby.  I swear, they have more quality restaurants/food shops along this little block than you’d expect.  Just take a look at Broken Rice, Chez Meme, and Valley Bakery to name a few. Read the rest of this entry

Fish House in Stanley Park

Back in November of last year, we stopped by the Fish House in Stanley Park for lunch.  It’s been years since we last visited this restaurant located next to the tennis courts.  Being a touristy spot, I was worried that it would be busy at lunchtime but I guess the rain kept everyone away because we were the first ones there (a few diners did eventually arrive a bit later).

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Julian Serrano (Las Vegas – Aria)

It’s Vegas Baby!  It seems like ages since the last time we visited Las Vegas so we jumped at the chance to come here in early December (especially since the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world on Dec 21, 2012).  This is the first in a string of posts based in Sin City – mainly to help me remember where we ate and to plan for our next visit 🙂

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Whet Kitchen.Bar.Patio

There are so many great places to dine at Granville Island… I guess it’s a good thing that we don’t live closer otherwise we’d never leave.  Whet is located near the entrance of Granville Island (where the old Sammy J Peppers used to be) across from the Kids Market. Read the rest of this entry

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar (Fairview)

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar recently opened up a new location on West Broadway kitty corner to the Cactus Club.  The large restaurant was pretty dead when we arrived for lunch on a sunny October Sunday which gave us ample opportunity to take in all of the colours and textures in the interior design. Read the rest of this entry

Stefanos – Upstairs, Downstairs

We used to eat at Stefanos many years ago and fondly recalled the great Greek fare that we had back then.  The problem is that we never found our way back here for such a long time.  It’s not for lack of trying though… within the last year, we tried to come here for lunch at least twice and the restaurant was closed on both occasions.

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Hart House – Passion for Pork

Unbeknownst to us, we arrived to the Hart House a day before the Passion for Pork Week was supposed to start in September.  As fate would have it, they started their special pork-rific menu early and we were able to try out one of their dishes.

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Earls (Kingsway) – Hunan Kung Pao Chicken

The last time we visited Earls on Kingsway, I had an awesome burger… The Bronx Burger.  This time around, I wanted to try some of the rest of their menu to see if everything else stacks up. Read the rest of this entry