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Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle (Aberdeen)

Aberdeen Centre has some really good eats. If it weren’t for all of the crazy people in the parking lot, we’d probably be here more often. On one visit, we decided to try a Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle.
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Pepper Lunch Canada – DIY Teppanyaki

The great thing about Instagram is that you get to see all the great food people are trying in your area. The bad thing is that you start getting a serious case of FOMO because you’re not eating the same thing right now.
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Kyung Bok Palace – Menu Change Doesn’t Help

It’s been a few years since we last dined at Kyung Bok Palace in Lansdowne Mall. I remember our first few visits being not too bad (aside from the lack of service which was appalling even for an asian restaurant). We heard that their menu had changed and decided to give them another try… much to our dismay, the menu change hasn’t helped them.
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Bubble Queen – Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Bubble Waffle

We heard about the various bubble waffles and fresh fruit bubble tea that they serve at Bubble Queen in Richmond and decided to give them a try. It actually took us a while to figure out that they were located on the outside of the shopping complex (facing McKim Way).
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Imperial Court Beijing Cuisine – The King Crab Feast That Never Happened

We had originally planned to go out for an Alaskan King Crab dinner as March has historically been the best time to go. But prices of king crab have gone through the roof lately… no doubt because most of the crabs are now being sent out to satisfy the huge cravings of mainland China. Still, the price at Imperial Court was $28.80/lb which was on the lower range this year (only a few years ago, you could get it for $10-$15/lb during king crab season).
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Gingeri Chinese Cuisine (Lansdowne) – Dim Sum

There’s lots of places to get dim sum in Richmond but it’s so much more convenient when the restaurant is located in a mall like Lansdowne… plenty of free parking spaces.
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GoodAh Grill – Grilled Skewers at the Mall

We were down at Richmond Centre for some early xmas shopping in November and stopped by the food court for some much needed sustenance. I think they actually did a pretty good job of redesigning the food court here.
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Sun Sui Wah (Richmond) – Spot Prawns 2014

For some reason or another, we rarely visit the Sun Sui Wah in Richmond. But, after a few unsatisfying Spot Prawn dinners at other restaurants this year, and finding ourselves in the area, we decided to give this a try.

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Taco Luis (Lansdowne Centre)

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Let’s Roll Sushi Bar (Lansdowne Centre) – Custom Sushi Rolls

Why are there so many sushi places in Vancouver? I’ve often asked myself that question only to come to the realization that sushi is fun to eat. It’s bite-sized and there’s so many combinations of ingredients. Read the rest of this entry

Gyo-O – The Fish King

Gyo-O is tiny little Japanese restaurant with an unusually high ceiling.  They’ve taken advantage of this extra space to put in a huge mural on one wall as well as decorating the remaining walls with wooden blocks covered in kanji.

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Tropika (Lansdowne)

Tropika used to be located in Aberdeen Centre before it, and Northern Delicacy, were closed down for failing to pay their rent.  While not the best Malaysian restaurant in the Lower Mainland, it does fill a void when you’re hankering for some roti.

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