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Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant: Lunch Add-Ons

Green & Oak is one of the newer Malaysian restaurants in town and situated just east of Boundary Road on Hastings Street. We arrived in mid-April (right before they were set to temporarily close down for some kitchen renovations) for a late lunch/early dinner and were fortunate that they were still offering their special lunch add-on menu (where you can order smaller versions of their appies).
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Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken – Crystal Mall

Ipoh is one of the largest cities in Malaysia and, Bean Sprout Chicken is one of the classic Malaysian dishes that they are known for. So, you’d think that we’d order the Ipoh bean sprout chicken when we came across the food stall with the same name.
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Tamarind Hill (North Van) – Escape From the North Shore

If you’ve ever seen a zombie apocalypse movie, you’ll have an inkling of what we went through one early March weekend on the North Shore.  But before we get to that, let me explain why we were in North Vancouver in the first place.

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Tamarind Hill (New West) – Char Kuey Teow

So, it’s summertime finally in Vancouver and that can only mean one thing… reruns (or in this case, revisits).  We have quite a few revisit posts that we haven’t had the time to get to yet.  The great thing about revisits is that there’s no pressure… you can just sit back and relax as you enjoy your food.

Our first revisit is to Tamarind Hill back in mid April.  We enjoyed our last visit to Tamarind Hill so much that we wound up coming back less than a month later… and we wound up in the exact same table too. Read the rest of this entry