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Banana Leaf (Robson): Malaysian Brunch

Finding ourselves in the West End, which is a rare occasion, we had intended on visiting a particular restaurant on Robson Street but, after seeing the long lineup queuing outside, we headed over to nearby Banana Leaf instead.
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Eat Me Thai: Grilled Pork Cheek Salad

Even though “Punjabi Market” is primarily located on Main Street, I’ve often associated the neighbouring area along Fraser St to be part and parcel with it. However, much like how Chinatown is no longer the sole domain of Chinese stores and restaurants, this area of south Fraser St has become more multicultural over time. Eat Me Thai is one such example and is brought to you by the team from Bangkok City Cafe on West 4th.
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Penang Bistro: Solid Malaysian Food

We’ve always been a fan of Malaysian food. That’s why it’s surprising that we’ve never heard of Penang Bistro on Fraser before (on the same block as Earnest Ice Cream). Based on the name, I wasn’t sure if they are related to Penang Delight… but they do seem to share some similarities.
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Pho Express Angkor: Revisit in Queensborough Landing

Pho Express Angkor is a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant in Queensborough that I’ve been to before. It’s not often that you find good eats in a outlet mall so I’ve been meaning to revisit this place for quite some time.
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Pho Express Angkor – Thai Chicken Satay

My first visit to Pho Express Angkor wasn’t planned. Actually, I had wanted to try the Naan Bites in Queensborough Landing but that place was so busy that I had to find an alternate. Pho Express Angkor turned out to be nearby and I was actually quite pleased with my first visit.
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Green Basil – Coconut Prawns

We’ve been to Green Basil a number of times in the past but haven’t been back for quite some time. There’s a decidedly surprising lack of good Thai restaurants around Metrotown so we figured we’d come back and see if Green Basil had changed at all.
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