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Agra Tandoori Restaurant: Butter Chicken, Vindaloo, and Fish Curry

A little while ago, I noticed a new spot called Agra Tandoori open up next to Pokerrito in the Market Crossing area of Burnaby. It’s a tiny shop that, you guessed it, serves up East Indian cuisine.
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Desi Turka Indian Cuisine: Chicken Vindaloo and Lamb Curry

Along 6th Street, near the Burnaby-New Westminster border, a rather unassuming restaurant named Desi Turka Indian Cuisine serves up some fairly good East Indian fare. If it wasn’t for the aroma of Indian spices emanating from restaurant, you’d hardly know that it was there.
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Tasty Indian Bistro – Modern Indian Cuisine

With the word “Tasty” front and centre in their name, you’ve got to expect that the food better be up to snuff. Tasty Indian Bistro has been around since 2011, located on busy 120th Street that straddles North Delta and Surrey.
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