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Juke Fried Chicken: Superbly Crunchy Coating

After hearing about the new fried chicken joint that opened up in Chinatown, we made sure to check it out after a recent visit to nearby Phnom Penh… because, after all, what better way to top off Phnom Penh chicken wings than with more fried chicken.
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The Pig and the Lady (Hawaii 2016) – Vietnamese Fare in Chinatown

Coming from a city like Vancouver, that has a very vibrant Asian community, we’ve never been impressed by the Chinatown districts of other cities. Sure, the Vancouver Chinatown has declined as well over the years, but it still seems larger and more impressive than other cities like Honolulu, which is about approximately 4 square blocks (depending on how you define the area).
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Phnom Penh – New Year’s Eve Brunch

What better way to close out the year than enjoy a meal at Phnom Penh?
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Voodoo Doughnut (Portland) – Mango Tango and Voodoo Doll

Vancouver saw a surge in unique donut shops a couple of years ago (and I’m not talking about Tim Hortons). I’m sure that the popularity of the unusual doughnuts that made Voodoo Doughnut famous inspired many of the donuterie shops that we’ve seen pop up in Vancouver.

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Finch’s Market – Chinatown Sandwicherie

You may have heard of Finch’s Tea and Coffee House downtown but did you know that there’s a Finch’s Market in Chinatown that serves up some of the same great sandwiches? Read the rest of this entry

Harvest Community Foods – Ramen in Chinatown

What comes to mind when you think of ramen?  Late night study sessions?  Cheap eats when you first move out on your own?  Or just a warm, comforting throwback to your childhood (like a western version of KD Mac & Cheese)? Read the rest of this entry

Won Kee Sea Food – Hawaii 2013

For our last day in Hawaii, we decided to visit Foster Botanical Garden (the oldest botanical garden in Hawaii dating back to the 1800’s) which is conveniently located near Chinatown.  After our usual problem with directions, we managed to find the place and enjoyed a few hours of wandering through the various flora. Read the rest of this entry

Oyster Express in Historic Chinatown

On one of our recent visits to Phnom Penh and The Pie Shoppe, I noticed that a new restaurant had opened up in the old Chi Sing Trading Co. location at the corner of Gore and Keefer.  If you’ve lived in Vancouver as long as I have, you’ll probably remember the spot as a typical Chinatown import store where you could find cheap knickknacks. Read the rest of this entry

Phnom Penh – Oyster Pancake and Chicken Wings on Everyone’s Birthday

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, people celebrate Yan Yat… “Everyone’s Birthday”.  I suppose in certain cultures, the individual’s birthday was not as important as the New Year’s date so they conventionally added one year to their age on this date.

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The Pie Shoppe – Smallest Pie Shop in Vancouver?

Late last year, The Pie Shoppe opened up in a little nook located in Chinatown.  If you walk along Gore Street, you couldn’t be blamed for missing this little shop next to Lok’s Produce. Read the rest of this entry

Phnom Penh – All the Best Stuff

We had tried to visit Phnom Penh back in March but found out that they were closed for renovations.  Usually, “closed for renos” is Chinese restaurant code word for a pest problem so I was surprised that the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s food inspection website said that they were pest free when they inspected the place in the middle of March. Read the rest of this entry

Phnom Penh – Dinner Party

The other day, we and some friends decided to have a dinner party at Phnom Penh.  Did you know you can reserve large tables in advance?  It’s a good idea since it always seems busy at this little Chinatown holdout.  While we were dining, we noticed a table next to us that was obviously reserved.  Some Chinese family boldly walked in past the crowds of patiently waiting guests, sat down, and were quickly shoo’d away by the staff when they found out the table didn’t belong to them. Read the rest of this entry