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Yue Restaurant: Dim Sum in Richmond

Weekends are made for dim sum (guess it’s the Chinese equivalent of brunch). We decided to check out Yue Restaurant in mid-August. This well-appointed restaurant is located in a little mini mall in Richmond and has a couple of private rooms in the back.
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King’s Chinese Cuisine: Not Your Fancy Dim Sum Place

Despite never eating at King’s Chinese Cuisine before, our visit was a bit of a throwback for me… mainly because this place really kicks things old school.
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Phoenix Garden Chinese Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum

Phoenix Garden is a long-standing Chinese seafood restaurant located on Nanaimo Street between Broadway and East 8th Avenue. The interior is rather cramped but we managed to squeeze into a cozy table for 2 by the window.
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Dragon View Chinese Cuisine: Dim Sum

Dragon View Chinese Cuisine is located on the second floor of Continental Shopping Centre in Richmond and has a pleasant looking interior with interesting chandeliers that, to me, resembled the round leaves of a money tree (lunaria annua). There’s also a large floral mural on one wall made up of tiny metallic and glass tiles.
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Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum

Over the years, Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant has consistently been rated high by diners in Vancouver. The fact that this restaurant is tiny hasn’t helped since there always seems to be lineups (especially during dim sum).
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Lucky Plus Restaurant: Dim Sum

We’ve been to Lucky Plus Restaurant in the past… but never for dim sum. Since there’s not many dim sum restaurants in this area, we decided to see how their dishes turned out.
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Neptune Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum

Early mornings on weekends seem like the perfect time for dim sum… hence our visit to Neptune Seafood Restaurant in Richmond.
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Come Along Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum Revisit

Come along with us for a revist to Come Along Seafood Restaurant for some tasty dim sum dishes. This restaurant is pretty solid for Chinese food, which explains why they always seem busy.
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Fortune City Seafood – Okay Dim Sum

Fortune City Seafood is a large Chinese restaurant located on the top floor of the complex at 1st and Renfrew. As with most Chinese restaurants located in mini mall complexes, I detest the parking (or maybe it’s just the other drivers that I detest).
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Victory Seafood – Mediocre Dim Sum

I generally detest the parking lot in Crystal Mall, which I’ve mentioned many times in the past. But we found ourselves in the area in early June and noticed Victory Seafood and figured we’d give it a shot. In truth, I never even knew that they opened here (but I tend to get lost in Crystal Mall’s confounding circular layout).
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Fortune House Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

Fortune House Seafood Restaurant often gets discounted because it’s located in Metrotown and, let’s be honest, the lineup here can get rather discouraging during the peak dim sum hours.
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Kirin Seafood Restaurant (Fairview)

There are lots of places that you can get dim sum in Vancouver.  They run the gamut of cheap, moderate, expensive, and everything in between.  Kirin has always been on the more expensive side of dim sum restaurants but what you get in exchange is usually better service (let me rephrase that… there’s often more servers available and they don’t all look like you’re bothering them).  I shouldn’t be too harsh though – their service is actually pretty good for a Chinese restaurant. Read the rest of this entry