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Purebread (Mt Pleasant): Carbs Galore

We’ve been fans of Purebread ever since we first visited their Whistler location many moons ago. Since that time, they’ve actually opened a number of locations in Vancouver, including this one location on E 5th Avenue in the Mount Pleasant area.
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The French Bakery (Bellevue): Savory Crepes

I had fairly high hopes for The French Bakery during our road trip. After all… it’s all right in the name. Who could ask for anything more? Well, we actually had a tough time trying to find this place as it’s tucked inside the Elements building. And despite the address being on 112th Ave NE, it’s actually easier to find if you walk into 111th Ave NE as that leads right to the courtyard area where you can see the bakery.
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Breka Bakery & Café (Fraser St) – Sweets 24×7

If you suffer from insomnia around the Sunset area of Fraser and 49th, you’ve no doubt stumbled across Breka Bakery & Café. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this European-style bakery is a mecca for students and shift-workers looking for a pick-me-up at all hours of the night.
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Purebread Bakery (Gastown) – Chocolate Almond Croissants, Scones, and Crack

We were first introduced to yummy confections from Purebread Bakery last year during our visit to Whistler when they opened a new shop in the Whistler Olympic Plaza.
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