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St. Marc Cafe (Kitahama): Osaka 2017

We first fell in love with St. Marc Cafe during our first visit to Japan last year. Fortunately for us, there was a St. Marc Cafe located right next to our hotel in Osaka.
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St. Marc Café (Tokyo 2016): Chococro

St. Marc Café is a popular chain bakery in Japan but you might be more familiar with the name of their signature chocolate croissant known as a “chococro”. Read the rest of this entry

Cobs Bread (Market Crossing)

When you walk into any Cobs Bread, the first thing to hit you is the intense aroma of freshly baked bread – it’s almost too overpowering for me.  Besides the large selection of artisan, wholegrain, and savory breads that they offer, they also have a wonderful assortment of pastry items. Read the rest of this entry