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Troll’s Restaurant: Tasty Food and Huge Servings

After a fun visit to Whytecliff Park, we headed to nearby Horseshoe Bay to grab some lunch and wound up at Troll’s. It’s hard to miss this popular eatery as it’s located right on the corner of Bay Street and Royal Avenue.
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Catch Kitchen + Bar: Seafood with a View

Visiting the historic village of Steveston, although not really that far away, is still a treat for us… especially when the weather is sunny and the smell of the salt air mixes with the aroma of freshly fried fish and chips. That being said, we do like to try different restaurants so we wound up visiting Catch Kitchen + Bar located on the second floor above Blue Canoe Waterfront.
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Supermarine (Dine Out 2016)

Supermarine is a newish restaurant that opened up in the former location of Abigail’s Party in Kits. There’s still remnants of Abigail’s in this tiny restaurant (sister restaurant to Wildebeest) as can be seen in the names of some of the cocktails as well as the name that appears on the bill that you receive at the end of your meal.
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Yew Seafood + Bar (Brunch)

I’m not sure why, but lately, we’ve been getting caught up in parade traffic… first, we got caught up in the Chinese New Year Parade when we went down to visit Phnom Penh in Chinatown, then we got caught up in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade trying to get down to Yew Seafood + Bar for a brunch visit.
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Crave on Main – Brunch

Crave on Main is a tiny little restaurant almost diagonally across from Sun Sui Wah and is popular for their brunch items that are served daily until 2pm (Note: they close on Mondays). Read the rest of this entry

Earls Kitchen & Bar (North Burnaby)

We drive by it all the time but the Earls on Lougheed Hwy. in Burnaby always skips our mind… partly because it’s a little hidden and tucked in a light commercial park close to a Home Depot. Read the rest of this entry

The Old Spaghetti Factory (New West) – Date Night

Many moons ago, The Old Spaghetti Factory was the place to go to take your highschool sweetheart on a date.  Of course, at the time, there wasn’t as many options to choose from that were affordable for teenagers as there are now.  The prices at the Spaghetti Factory were (and still are) quite reasonable and includes appy, entrée, and dessert. Read the rest of this entry

Horizons Restaurant

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Horizons… so much so that I can’t recall what it looked like before the renovations. Read the rest of this entry

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips (New West)

Note:  Since this is a visit to Cockney Kings, I figured I’d try to write this entry in Cockney Slang.  The restaurant gives you a paper place setting with a bunch of common Cockney translations… please forgive me if this doesn’t translate well – but at least you have the pictures to look at. Read the rest of this entry

Rodney’s Oyster House – Slapjack Chowder

On our first visit to Rodney’s Oyster House, we missed out on trying their chowders and we knew that we definitely wanted to try them out on our next outing.  Read the rest of this entry

Coast Restaurant – Pretentious Menus?

On a rare occasion that we found ourselves downtown (traffic and parking is h-e-double-hockey-sticks down there), we stopped by Coast Restaurant for lunch.  We’ve dined here before for dinner and liked the seafood so thought this was a no-brainer.  It gets rather busy (and loud) in this restaurant during lunchtime as many suits fill up most of the tables so it’s a good idea to come early.  Read the rest of this entry