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Thai Away Home (City Square): Tasty but Basic Green Curry Chicken

The food court at City Square has never been an exciting place to visit… I mean, the whole City Square complex has seen better days and seems to be very underutilized. That being said, we do find ourselves here every now and again and, on one visit in early February, we decided to eat at the their food court.
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Vana Vietnamese Cuisine (City Square)

As I mentioned on my review of Teya Grill, we found ourselves in the food court of City Square. There’s a lot of empty food stalls here and it’s rarely busy. I decided to try Vana because I was in the mood for Vietnamese food.
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Teya Grill (City Square)

Teya Grill is one of the few food stalls in City Square. I’m not sure why, but the food court here is really pathetic and hardly used. I suppose there’s plenty of places for people to eat if they head down a couple blocks to Broadway.
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