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The Deluxe Chinese Restaurant: Deluxe Dim Sum

The Deluxe Chinese Restaurant lives up to their name. This modern looking restaurant is located in Richmond on the corner of Browngate and No. 3 Road. The ultra tall ceilings, well-appointed interior, and multi-panel large screen tv are the first things that hit you when you enter. Arriving around 10:30am on a Sunday, there were a moderate number of diners here but we managed to secure a table (there was a lineup by the time we left).
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Shoom Chinese Restaurant: Expensive but Tasty

Located just south of 49th Avenue on Vancouver’s Fraser Street is the oddly named Shoom. This place is quite popular and was already starting to fill up by the time we arrived at 5pm (they were completely full by 6pm). The restaurant seems to be geared to large parties because they mostly have large tables set up. We were afraid that they weren’t going to seat us but then they ushered us past the kitchen in the back and into another dining area next door.
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