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Sun Sui Wah (Richmond): Dim Sum

Due to the large number of dim sum restaurants in the area, it’s not unusual for us to go for years before returning to a restaurant that we’ve previously tried before… even one that we’ve quite enjoyed. Sun Sui Wah used to be one of the more popular dim sum restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond (they have locations in both cities) but I had heard that the food quality had declined recently.
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Chef Tony – Line Up for Dim Sum

Generally speaking, we’re not the kind of people that line up for restaurants anymore… if we do, it better be darn good. And if you see us lining up for dim sum, it probably means we woke up late (after all, there are tons of places to have dim sum and we prefer eating early to avoid the rush).
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New Starlet Seafood Restaurant – Busy Dim Sum in Burnaby

Does anyone remember Po King? That Chinese restaurant on Kingsway in Burnaby that was reviled for their stereotypical lack of service? Well, they were replaced with a new restaurant… New Starlet Seafood Restaurant to be exact.
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