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Ken’s Kitchen: Fairly Average Eats

Ken’s Kitchen on Kingsway has been around for quite a while and is typical of most average Chinese restaurants. We were in the area on a January morning and decided to stop by for some comfort food (ie. carbs).
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Yauti Jr. Food Stall (New Westminster): Congee and Chinese Donuts

A few months ago, a new congee spot opened up in the former location of Young’s Cafe on 12th Street in New West. It looks like they’ve done a bit of renos inside to clean things up but the interior is quite stark and utilitarian.
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Neptune Wonton Noodle (Burnaby): Carb Overload

Neptune Wonton Noodle is a chain restaurant that recently opened up in Station Square. The interior is quite spacious so you don’t really feel too cramped like many other wonton noodle joints.
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Kongee Dinesty: Chinese Comfort Food

This past winter has seemed to be sooo cold! And nothing soothes a cold winter better than comfort food…
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Kongee Dinesty – Congee Breakfast Set

For some reason or another, I always seem to have troubles when trying to check out restaurants… from lost reservations and power failures to my personal favourite… restaurants being closed when they should be open. Such was the case when I had tried to visit Lido Restaurant in Richmond. Since they were closed and it was still early in the morning, I wound up dropping by Kongee Dinesty since it was relatively nearby.
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Alleluia Cafe – HK Style Cafe

Alleluia Cafe is a rather popular HK style cafe located in Richspot Plaza in Richmond. I came by early one morning before my trek out along the Iona Pipeline.
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Congee Noodle House – Disappointing

I must admit that I’ve always confused “Congee Noodle House” located on Broadway with “Congee Noodle King” located on Kingsway. And while it’s true that they serve the same type of food and they’re both quite busy, they’re not exactly the same.
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Congee Noodle King

Sundays tend to be errand days for us and this rare non-rainy March day was no different.  Throw in a run to Costco and Sophie needing to visit the dog park; it wasn’t until almost 2:30pm before we managed to get something to eat (I’m not counting the quick hot dog at Costco). Read the rest of this entry

Au Wing Kee (Burnaby)

What do you eat when you’re feeling a bit under the weather?  Most people brought up in western cultures will immediately think of chicken noodle soup.  Of course, if you’re of asian descent, you’re probably more likely to say chicken congee.

For me, the answer is a little complicated… I was born and raised in Vancouver yet I don’t recall having chicken noodle soup when I was younger.  While I’m Chinese, I don’t actually have any fond memories of eating congee when I was young.  In fact, I think I distinctly remember not liking congee when I was younger. Read the rest of this entry