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Jimoco Cafe & Pasta – More Than Just Pasta?

It seems like everyone comes to Jimoco Cafe for their 2-for-1 pasta special – but when I found myself out in Coquitlam early one Saturday morning, pasta was the furthest thing from my mind… I needed a real breakfast. Read the rest of this entry

Joey Coquitlam – March Madness

I have no idea why March Madness is so freakin’ huge in Canada.  US college basketball?  Seriously?  The thing I dislike about basketball is that the scores always seems too high (except for that crazy Oregon/Portland high school girls championship match recently where the score was 16-7).  Soccer, on the other hand, is too low scoring for my tastes… give me a good old fashioned Canadian hockey game any day.  Read the rest of this entry

Jimmy’s Place – Quaint Diner in Coquitlam

I found myself out around the Burnaby/Coquitlam border early one Saturday morning.  Normally, this would be the perfect place to go for Korean food since there is such a proliferation of Korean restaurants in this neighbourhood but I really wasn’t feeling in the mood for jap chae this day.  Read the rest of this entry

Insadong Korean BBQ and Seafood Restaurant

Insadong is a pretty popular Korean restaurant along the Burnaby/Coquitlam border but it was very quiet when we visited for lunch during the weekday… which suits me just fine because I’ve been getting tired of fighting through all of the masses of people at the mall during xmas shopping.

Read the rest of this entry

Thai Express (Coquitlam Centre)

Thai Express recently opened an outlet in Coquitlam Centre (wish they would open one up in Metrotown).  One of the  draws to Thai Express is that they cook your food (albeit from prepared ingredients) right in front of you using their flamethrower-fueled woks. Read the rest of this entry