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OEB Breakfast Co.: New Breakfast Joint in Vancouver

OEB Breakfast Co. is the latest breakfast chain to invade the Vancouver area. Hailing originally from Calgary, they’ve recently opened a location in the Yaletown area in May with plans to open a location around Brentwood soon. If you pay any attention to social media, you probably would have seen the influx of pics from their media event prior to their grand opening. I’m always a bit skeptical when I see all of the great pics – partly because I’m a bit jaded and this ain’t my first rodeo.
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Me + Crêpe (Burnaby): “Peking Duck” Crêpe

You had me at Peking Duck. But seriously, when I first heard about a shop which sells Peking Duck I knew that I had to try it.
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Adam’s Crepes: Sweet and Savory

Recently, a new creperie opened up in Burnaby along Rumble St, not too far from Makoto Sushi and Stem Japanese Eatery.
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The French Bakery (Bellevue): Savory Crepes

I had fairly high hopes for The French Bakery during our road trip. After all… it’s all right in the name. Who could ask for anything more? Well, we actually had a tough time trying to find this place as it’s tucked inside the Elements building. And despite the address being on 112th Ave NE, it’s actually easier to find if you walk into 111th Ave NE as that leads right to the courtyard area where you can see the bakery.
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Le Marché St. George – Crêpe, Croissant, and Hot Chocolate

It wasn’t very long ago that there were fears that the quaint little market/café known as Le Marché was going to have to close down due to some complaints by neighbours.
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Crepe Des Amis – Creperie in River Market

Crepe Des Amis is a little creperie located in the New West Quay (or River Market as they like to be called now). Read the rest of this entry

IHOP (South Burnaby) – Swedish International Crepe Passport

Say what you will of IHOP… they really know their breakfasts.  I’m often looking for somewhere to grab an early breakfast while I’m out running errands and noticed this IHOP along Kingsway.

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Crêpe Delicious

Crêpe Delicious is one of the largest mall-based crêperies and has recently started expanding into BC with this location in Richmond Centre. Read the rest of this entry

Orange Corner Tea House

We’ve walked by the Orange Corner Tea House in Station Square a number of times while heading to Future Shop and we’ve always meant to stop in to try their crêpes but we’ve always been a bit too busy or in a rush to finish errands.

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